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My Story

Hi, it’s Dana here. I have a neuroscience degree and educate on various topics to help others through their health journey. The Feel Great System is an easy, sustainable way to get our health back that does not involve restrictive dieting, calorie counting, or anything else.

Before finding the Feel Great System, I struggled with gut issues, intolerances and anxiety. I was also experiencing unexplained nerve issues — numbness in my hand and foot, and nerve pain in other areas of my body.

I started the Feel Great System and now these are gone. I can even eat dairy again (even things like four-cheese lasagne) without having a reaction.

I recommended the system to my dad who struggled with his blood pressure and cholesterol for eight years. Within 45 days, his blood pressure and cholesterol normalized. He also struggled with inflammation and arthritis, which caused joint pain and stiffness in his hands, knees and more. These issues were gone now as well. He also lost his excess body fat  without working out or changing his diet. In my dad’s words, “I just feel good. And I look good! I’m happy.”

The system changed our lives, and now I help as many people as I can to reach their health goals and feel good every day.

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